One of the basic elements of a combustion installation, is the automation panel, as the functionality of the plant depends on its structure and composition. Our company has long-term specialization in the manufacture of special automation panels for the control of burners and boilers that it supplies. Our constructions start from “white paper” which then, based on the needs, we design the solution, no matter how complex it is, in order to achieve the optimal solution. The automation panels we manufacture are installed to provide a solution, from a simple home application to the largest, most modern and most complex industrial situations. We have integrated our systems, a wide range of intelligent control systems and automation with control relays, PLC, SCADA, BMS systems, DCS etc.

Control panel of temperature – pressure

Combustion safety arrays (SIL, ESD)

Wall hung boiler cascade managing panel

Automation panels for Boiler – Burner – Production

Output Signaling panels to BMS (Dry contacts, MODBUS etc)

Explosion proof ATEX panels