Specialized solutions

Knowing that a large part of the industry is unique and requires specialized solutions, with our many years of experience in the construction and modification of combustion systems we create solutions in installations that seemingly required their replacement. The experience in the constructions and the know-how of the thermodynamics allows us to construct solutions for each need separately. Solutions that are perfect in construction, reliable and economical in their operation.

  • Special burners

  • Explosion proof burners ATEX EXd

  • Special burner heads

  • Recessed burners (For air supply around the hearth)

  • Burners for pizza ovens (Avanzinni Bruciatori)

  • Burners for special gases (Biodiesel / Biogas / Olein/ sunflower oil / vegetable oils etc.)

  • Burners in very narrow spaces

  • Burners in mooving pneumatic rails for foundries.