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Radiant came into being in year 1959, when the founder Mr. Walter Battisti set-up this company meant, at that time, for the assembly of the heavy oil pressure jet burners. 

54 years later, and thanks to the tremendous drive of the sons Luciano and Paolo, they do actually manufacture more than 180 different types of boilers: high-tech condensing units, atmospheric-classic units and finally the modern integrations with the solar/heat pumps energy sources. They proudly export their products to more than 40 countries worldwide, whilst their products are still 100% made in Italy. The remarkable steps forward of the know-how has lead them to develop exclusive assemblies, such as the MULTIPLEX®SYSTEM, DUOPASS®SYSTEM, ALLINCLUSIVE®SYSTEM and finally DIGITECH®SYSTEM, which are widely known and appreciated. They do have a special commitment to meet the after-sale requirements : for instance, they have appointed more than 300 networks in their global market, who are fully and constantly trained and equipped.


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  • The new R2K series are for the combination instantaneous units made by RADIANT. They were exhibited at the recent MCE exhibition and they feature important innovations. The condensing exchanger, 100% made by RADIANT, delivers unique performances and efficiency, on both the central heating mode and D.H.W. production.

    The larger inner diameter of 28 mm. leads to an improved maintenance and prevents remarkably the clogging. Thanks to prestigious components, we have achieved a stunning 1:9 modulation, thus the perfect solution for highly efficiency under floor heating plants, to avoid continuous ignitions and shutdowns, which reduce remarkably the consumptions. High capacity 8 l. expansion tank, side housed for an improved effi ciency and easier inspection.

    The units feature the new controls, a breakthrough aesthetics, white back-lit and a new bottom cover aimed to hide the fittings. The units are made for a perfect replacement and to emphasize the aesthetics, thus to make it easier the installation into the various rooms.

  • Με την πολυετή εμπειρία στον χώρο των βιομηχανικών συστημάτων καύσης, η εταιρία μας ΘΕΡΜΟΛΑ Α.Ε. παρέδωσε ολοκληρωμένο σύστημα καύσης στην ΔΕΗ Μεγαλόπολης.

    Ισχύς: 25.520 kW

  • Ολοκλήρωση έργου με αναλογικό καυστήρα μικτής καύσης σειράς "K" (Αέριο - Πετρέλαιο).

    Iσχύς: 5.220 kW

    Ο καυστήρας εγκαταστάθηκε στην Βιομηχανία υλικών συσκευασίας ΤΣΙΜΗΣ Α.Ε.

  • Our company will be at “Climatherm 2018” exhibition which will be held at the Metropolian Expo Center (Athens International Airport El. Venizelos) from 22 till 25 Febrouary 2018.

    A presentation of our new products and an informative talk by engineers on new combustion technologies and condensing boilers will be held at the conference center.

    The exhibition will also attend high-profile executives from our manufacturers.

    You will find us in hall 3, stand 62!

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